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5S Train the Trainer

Event Start Date: 12/4/2017 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 12/4/2017 4:30 PM

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First ½ day   5S Process

Learn how to transform a factory into a place where information concerning product quality,   productivity, scheduling, and safety are visually accessible at any given moment.

Participants learn the 5S methodology to implement specific, easy-to-access visual systems to enhance communications and productivity. 

  • 5 S definition and "how to" for each S
    • Sort
    • Set-in-order
    • Shine
    • Standardize
    • Sustain
  • Benefits of 5 S
  • Why don’t we just hire a cleaning crew?
  • Workplace scan and how to integrate with layered audit system
  • Red tag strategy for areas and the entire facility

Second ½ day   Facilitator Training/5S Strategy Deployment

Learn how to create a 5S strategic plan to ensure a total transformation of the facility.  Participants will learn the kaizen implementation methodology and how to facilitate an event.


  • 5S Strategy Development and Deployment
  • 5S Core Team
  • Methods to spread 5S culture
  • Which areas are good fits for using Kaizen implementation
  • Overview of kaizen
  • Preparing for a kaizen event
  • Standard process for a 2-5 day kaizen event
  • Training
  • Observe current process
  • List wastes
  • Set goals
  • Brainstorm countermeasures
  • Try-storm improvements
  • Restart line and measures results
  • Standardize improvements
  • Develop report
  • Present results
  • Follow-through actions
  • Forms and tools for quickly collecting and analyzing data
  • Preparing a final report for management
  • Estimating the impact of the event

Event Location

  • Brewton / Mobile
It is the official policy of the ACCS, including Alabama Technology Network (ATN), that no person in Alabama shall, on the grounds of race, color, disability, gender, religion, creed, national origin, or age be excluded from participation, in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity, or employment. Should you be disabled and require special accommodations in order to participate in this training class, please notify HR Director of your needs so that specific arrangements can be made by ATN.