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Trenholm State Patterson Campus 3920 Troy Hwy
United States
OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Training Course 12/9//2019
Event Start Date: 12/9/2019 8:00 AM Event End Date: 12/12/2019 5:00 PM
Cost per place: $595.00
The 30 hour course expands the scope of the 10 hour course and includes more hands-on exercises on related topics. This course is designed to increase your employee’s and Supervisor's knowledge of the OSHA rules and regulations that apply to them. This four day course provides a comprehensive, in-depth look at OSHA’s 29 CFR General Industry Standard and details the applicable S&H regulations to the affected employees of your facility. This training course will be administered by instructors that are authorized through the OSHA Outreach Training Program. Each participant will receive an OSHA 30 hour card from the Department of Labor and an ATN training certificate upon completion of the course. Training will cover information set forth by standard OSHA safety and health guidelines and regulations.
Event Locations
Trenholm State Patterson Campus
This event can only be signed up for between 10/10/2019 12:00 AM - 12/8/2019 11:59 PM

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