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Introduction to Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Continual Improvement

Automotive Quality Core Tools

Course Length


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Course Description

Today, measurement data is used more often and in more ways than ever before.  Decisions to make adjustments to processes, determining statistical control, and product acceptance are all impacted from the results of measured data.  This class uses the AIAG automotive MSA manual (copy of MSA manual included in materials) as a reference to review steps in performing measurement system studies to determine if your measurement system is appropriate for applications that provide critical process information.  Measurement System Analysis plays a significant part in Six Sigma and continual improvement activities. 

Course Objectives

  • The Measurement Process
  • Measurement System Variability
  • Measurement Planning Gage Selection
  • Measurement Uncertainty
  • General Concepts of Measurement Systems
  • Variable Measurement Studies
    • Stability
    • Bias
    • Linearity
    • Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Range Method and Average & Range Method
  • Attribute Measurement Systems
  • Statistical Software used in Exercises (MINITAB)

Course Outline

Who Should Attend:

  • Personnel who have responsibilities in PPAP and advanced quality planning teams
  • Anyone involved in submitting production products for customer approval
  • Engineers and Technicians who have responsibilities in developing new processes or improving existing production or manufacturing processes
  • Automotive suppliers who need a basic understanding of MSA to satisfy industry requirements