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ATN’s Management Development program is designed for anyone within the organization that supervises or directs the work of others. Newly promoted management staff as well as “Old Timers” can benefit by enhancing their knowledge and skills relating to of getting the best from themselves and others.  The typical class size is 12 to 20 participants and includes activities and assessments that enhance interaction with others.  The key focus of all classes is the development of effective and productive work teams.

"SOAR" Strategic Planning

This is more of a process than a class as ATN facilitates an exploration of a company’s Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and desired Results in a fresh, innovative, positive way. ...

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Corrective Action

In this training participants will learn the most effective methods to handle corrective actions, and what actions you should take as a supervisor. To understand the appropriate time and ways to...

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Managing Former Peers

This is designed to help newly promoted supervisors manage the task of supervising former peers.  Once you gain the power to supervise your friends, the dynamics of the relationship have changed...

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The class focuses on “P=F (MAE) or Performance = Function (x Motivation, Ability, Environment.  Classes will learn Learning how to supervise with proper motivation techniques and how not to...

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Supervising and Coaching - Basics

Employees learn the best practices of team leaders with an eye toward effective management, motivation, and long-term team policy formulation - they learn how to teach, guide, and support their team -...

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