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Value Stream Mapping Overview

Continual Improvement


Course Length


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Course Description

Based on the book Learning to See, from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), participants in this workshop will learn to identify where the value streams are in their operations, map them "from door-to-door" and realize the wastes that exist in their current process. Armed with now being able to "see" their wastes, participants will learn the process of constructing a future state of their value streams and instituting an implementation plan of achieving that future state. The result is successful value stream mapping, a tool to direct lean improvements.


  • Lean 101: Principle of Lean Manufacturing

Course Objectives

  • Definition of value stream mapping
    • Material flow
    • Information flow
    • Process time vs. manufacturing lead time
  • How to identify value streams and product families
  • Value stream management
  • Creating a current state map
  • Creating a future state map using the eight questions for developing future state
  • Developing an implementation plan

Course Outline

Using LEI's Acme Stamping case study, participants will implement the value steam mapping process by analyzing data and mapping a current state, then applying lean concepts to design and map a future state. Along the way, participants will decide what improvements must happen to achieve the desired future state.