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5S Train-the-Trainer

Continual Improvement


Course Length

8 hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Learn how to transform a factory into a place where information concerning product quality, productivity, schedule, and safety are visually accessible at any given moment. Participants learn the 5S methodology to implement specific, easy-to-access visual systems to enhance communications and productivity.

Course Objectives

  • 5S definition and "how-to" for each S
  • Sort
  • Set-in-order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain
  • Include the “Sixth S”, Safety, as needed
  • Benefits of 5 S
  • Workplace scan and how to integrate with the layered audit system
  • Red tag strategy for areas and the entire facility
  • Visual controls

4 hours- Facilitator Training/5S Strategy Deployment
Learn how to create a 5S strategic plan to ensure a total transformation of the facility.  Participants will learn the kaizen implementation methodology, how to facilitate a 5S event, and how to maintain momentum for a successful 5S system.

  • 5S Strategy Development and Deployment
  • 5S Core Team
  • Methods to spread 5S culture
  • Overview of kaizen
  • Preparing for a kaizen event
  • Forms and tools for quickly collecting and analyzing data
  • Estimating the impact of the event and Final Reports

Course Outline

This class features a hands-on simulated factory where participants will experience the benefits of workplace organization by applying the lecture concepts and measuring the impact.