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Continual Improvement

The Continual Improvement team offers training and assistance in the areas of lean and quality. The primary focus of this team is maximizing efficiency and product quality through processes improvement. This team offers training in using tools and management systems to bring about positive change, as well as assistance or facilitation with implementing the various lean and quality tools or management systems at client companies.

Environmental Health & Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety team is dedicated to providing reliable and constructive resources for your business and industry. We are staffed with personnel who have spent years in industry, overseeing various aspects of EHS needs, researching best practices, and working directly with governmental agencies such as OSHA, ADEM, EPA, and others. We focus on customized training to meet your industry needs, and technical assistance to ensure compliance is not only met but often times exceeded.

Food Industry

The Food Industry group, within the Continual Improvement team, will bring a holistic approach to food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) solutions to support the food industry. ATN's Food Industry expert brings to the table both academic and extensive industry experience in USDA and FDA manufacturing, risk-based supply chain management, product traceability, recall management, distribution, and transportation. A variety of solutions are under development and will be available for regional location delivery or custom, on-site delivery.

Industrial Maintenance & Technology

The Industrial Maintenance & Technology team is comprised of individuals that formerly worked in manufacturing areas of automation, maintenance, information technology, and machining. We are able to leverage our experience to help your company with hands-on training or technical assistance.

Leadership & Management Development

Leadership & Management Development courses are modular 2-hour sessions that can be delivered on-site. The classes are interactive with activities and assessments that help supervisors and managers understand their strengths and possible areas of improvement and to help employees gain a sense of personal leadership. The interactive learning is key to understanding not only your own management skills but also those of your teammates and coworkers.