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Impacts & Results

Impacts & Results

With a staff of 55 employees and over 1,000 years of combined manufacturing experience, ATN has the knowledge and capability to provide Alabama companies with services and private resources to enhance growth, improve productivity, reduce costs, and expand capacity.

Over the years, ATN has learned to perfect customer service. We pride ourselves on being a trusted local partner, to implement solutions and innovations for your company, to develop and train employees, and to assess and improve processes in the workforce, knowing you can count on us. Scroll down to read some of ATN's success stories.

2023 Impacts

2022 Impacts

2020-21 Economic Report

2021 Impacts

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2015 Impacts

From 2015 through 2023, the following are client-reported economic impacts:

  • 1,334 Independent Client Surveys Completed
  • 4,330 New Jobs
  • 16,881 Retained Jobs
  • $2.7B Increased & Retained Sales
  • $562M in New Client Investments
  • $874M in Cost Savings & Avoidance


  • 21,211 Jobs
  • $4.2B Client Impacts

Stories of Success

Smith & Company, LLC

We were extremely pleased with the ATN support and assistance to implement the ISO9001. We started late January 2022 and received our Certification in July 2022. This certification was critical to us sustaining and growing the business. With the assistance of ATN we accomplished this in an extremely short period of time.

— Dell Smith, Chief Operating Officer

R&M Machine Shop

ATN was instrumental in getting certified to the AS9100 standard. They were very knowledgeable about AS9100 and there were no issues getting certified.

— Jonathon Andrews, Vice President

Branham Accessories

We were pleasantly surprised at how much ATN helped us improve our inventory system, which in turn greatly increased our ability to track parts and provide quicker out the door services to our customers. The Cullman ATN Team, which is our local group, helped us tremendously. We plan to utilize their services for more improvement projects and training.

— Chris Branham, Owner

Johnson Labs

We are so thankful for the ATN team walking us through analyzing our processes and creating more efficient and profitable procedures. We were so impressed by how practical the trainings were and how Brandon Lineberry and the team jumped in to help us implement the new processes. Brandon’s follow-up calls are also key to our success with the training. He always checks in about a month after the training to see what we’ve been able to implement and answer any questions. No other company gives us the quality instruction and follow-up support that ATN does. Thank you for investing in small businesses!

— Karla Johnson, CEO

AvaLAN Networks

AvaLAN partnered with ATN as a fledgling company in 2014 and has been growing steadily ever since. The implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system has allowed AvaLAN to provide a quality product more smoothly and continuously to customers and it would not have been possible without the guidance of ATN. The processes we implemented for ISO 9001 made quality issues less severe and our certification secured us additional customers and more sales. The internal audits given by ATN have been extremely helpful in preparing for our surveillance and recertification audits and since ATN was with us since the implementation of our QMS they have played a large role in our success. We are very appreciative of the service they provide, and we would recommend them to anyone interested in acquiring ISO 9001 certification.

— Clay Neiland, Logistics Associate

Precision Electric Coil

We engaged the center to perform our internal audit. The ATN team built an audit agenda, and they gave us the feedback we needed. The audit team was fast and efficient, and they did not disrupt our normal flow of business. With the help of ATN, we successfully re-certified to ISO 9001-2015 with our third-party auditor this year.

— Chase Fell, Vice President of Engineering

Outfitter International

Tremendous experience working with the team from ATN. They have helped us put systems in place that will facilitate growth for years to come. ATN has been very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible as they have helped us move forward as a company.

— Matt Stallworth, President


Process Barron had created a continuous improvement plan which they referred to as the 2020 Strategic Initiative-VELOCITY. The plan focused on operational efficiencies to continuously improve customer satisfaction levels, maintain current sales, and increase new sales.

ATN has been an excellent partner to work with to train and help implement continuous improvement projects. They are very hands-on and have a wide expertise in many types of industries and use their industry knowledge to assist in developing strategic plans to improve the business. Without ATN we would not have been able to accomplish our goals in the same time frame.

— Michael Stewart, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

Dwell & D├ęcor Outdoor

Approximately 11 years ago, we contacted ATN with a request to help us install ISO 9001. Thanks to the help of an ATN, the program was installed as a success. The following year, we contacted ATN with a request to help us install ISO 14001. Once again, ATN representatives were on our premises to help with the launch of this system. Of course, the new standards of 2015 came along within the next few years. ATN sent representatives to help with the upgrade of each program. The bottom line is that we initiated these programs on our own as a means of continuous improvement. But, over the years, one of our largest customers has basically created a quality system that requires all vendors to be ISO registered for 9001:2015 as well as 14001:2015. Both programs are reviewed by this customer through factory assessments. There are minimum scores that must be obtained to remain in good standing as a supplier. Thanks to ATN, we have no problems meeting that minimum score.

-Todd Garrett, Quality Manager


A great strength of ATN in a Covid-19 environment is their willingness to be flexible and adaptable in their ability to teach and come on-site. They were mindful of all the CDC constraints and no other provider has been willing to work in that space. Kudos to ATN's capabilities.


ATN has been an integral training partner to 3M Guin since 2003. They have provided our annual HAZWOPER and Confined Space Rescue training that has helped to keep our response team safe and our site free from chemical spills or OSHA fines. This training has provided 3M Guin avoidance cost impacts of well over $250,000 in the reduction of workman’s compensation claims and potential accidents. I would recommend ATN to any business needing ESH training because they are always responsive to our needs and even haul their hazmat trailer on-site to help us do necessary hands-on drills. The training is always very interactive, and Robert Tomlinson and Bruce Perdue bring an extra dose of fun to the class to make it more enjoyable and memorable!

-Jacob E Spillers, EHS & Quality Manager

Briggs and Stratton Corporation

“Over the last 10 years ATN has been a valued partner with Briggs & Stratton, Auburn Plant, for a large portion of our Technical Training. The instructors are subject matter experts not only in a class room setting but how the training applies on the plant floor. Being a 24/7 operation, they are willing to meet our team members schedule to deliver the training. Would highly recommend to others.”

-Jerry “Cisco” King, Human Resources Manager

REF Automation Limited

“This is the most thorough audit that the guys have ever been through. Very helpful!”

-John Jernigan, REF Alabama Manager of Sales

Firestone Building Products

“Firestone Building Products is very pleased with the results of the ATN services and the connection made with our teammates.”

-Russell Williams, Corporate Continuous Improvement Director

SEA Wire and Cable, Inc.

ATN has been a part of SEA Wire and Cable Inc Quality team from the beginning of our Quest for AS9100. Ronnie Kisor and Chris Anderson were contacts and I continue to work with Chris till this day.

All members of the ATN staff have always been very pleasant and professional in dealing with SEA. In 2018 ATN worked with SEA to continue the Root Cause and internal auditing Education of our employees. I look forward working with them again in the future.

-William Thomas, Manager of Quality

J X Nippon Oil and Energy Lubricants America, LLC

“During the last several years, ATN has assisted JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA Inc with several Quality Systems and Environment, Health and Safety Projects. Due, in part, to our partnership with ATN, JXNOEUSA has achieved and maintained an outstanding environmental and safety record.”

-Sonya Reynolds, Plant Manager

Connector Manufacturing Company of America

“The yearly OSHA training course was an excellent class. The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand and follow for all the employees who attended. Tim Croley, the instructor, is very knowledgeable on all safety topics and was able to share his knowledge and experiences with the employees for Connector Manufacturing Company/Hubbell Corporation. We also have many new employees, so it was great to have a presentation that provides various examples of equipment, tools, and work areas for the training course. The OSHA training class was a great opportunity to learn more about OSHA regulations and how they affect our industry.

We would like to thank Mr. Croley and ATN for all the training they have provided over the last couple of years. It has been very beneficial, and we look forward to using them in the future.”

-Mona Mullins, Plant Manager


I am proud that during our first attempt at acquiring IATF 16949 Certification with the outstanding guidance of Alabama Technology Network (ATN) we achieved our goal. We recently conducted our surveillance audit with our registrar and performed very well with no major nonconformances. I know that without the consultation and guidance from ATN we would have not been able to meet our customers’ requirements nor acquire new business for the company. We are very pleased with the performance of ATN and will continue to use their services in the future.

-Heavena Black, QMS Coordinator

If you have a success story that you would like to share please contact