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Allen Bradley SLC 500- Intro

Industrial Maintenance & Technology


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Course Description

This course introduces programmable logic controllers (PLCs).  It explains the components of a PLC system along with the basic instructions and how they are programmed.  Communication drivers, maintenance, and troubleshooting are also covered.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Identify a PLC system and its components
  2. Identify basic ladder logic instructions and their meaning
  3. Configure the communications drivers for RSLogix 500™ and RSLinx™
  4. Use the programming software to monitor input and output devices
  5. Understand the diagnostics provided by the programming software
  6. Perform general practices for maintaining and troubleshooting a PLC system

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    • Components of a PLC
    • Operation
    • PLC Hardware
    • I/O
    • Processor
    • Programming Devices
  2. Numbering Systems
    • Decimal
    • Binary
    • Octal
    • Hexadecimal
    • BCD
  3. Fundamentals of Logic
    • AND, OR, NOT Functions
  4. Communications
  5. PLC Programming
    • PLC Programming Languages
    • Ladder Logic
    • Examine On/Off
    • Output Energize
    • Branch Instructions
    • Internal Relays
    • Latch Instructions
    • Timers
    • Counters
    • Program Control Instructions
    • Data Manipulation Instructions
    • Math Instructions
  6. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    • Backing Up and Restoring Programs
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Diagnostic Indicators
    • Troubleshooting PLC Inputs, Outputs, and the Processor