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Inventory Management Utilizing Kanban

Continual Improvement


Course Length

8 Hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Learn how to have processes in place to signal inventory needs to reduce/eliminate out of stock conditions and determine the “right” amount of inventory for your operation. In this course you will learn how to implement 4 types of Kanbans (min/max, 2-bin, FIFO lane, and Kanban card system), using our hands-on simulation. Course participants will determine re-order points and re-order quantities using simple calculations. Understand how Kanban processes are utilized for managing the shop floor inventories and MRP systems aide in planning.

Course Objectives

  • Kanban Definition
  • Types of Inventory
    • Raw Material (and consumables)
    • Work in Process
    • Finished Goods
  • Needed information to create simple Kanban
    • Delivery lead time
    • Quantity size
    • Demand rate
  • When to make to order or supermarket

Course Outline

This class features practical inventory management principles based upon implementing Kanbans where and when they are needed. This class also features a hands-on simulated factory where participants will experience the benefits of implementing Kanbans by applying the lecture concepts and measuring the impact.