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Kaizen Events (Technical Assistance)

Continual Improvement


Course Description

Kaizen events are the vehicle to implementing Lean tools and concepts. Kaizen events are well-scoped, focused improvement efforts that utilize a team-based approach to eliminating wastes.

The greatest benefit of a kaizen event is the nearly instantaneous recognition of improvement.

Aggressive goals are set early in the process and solutions are not simply put on paper but implemented by the team.

Team members are empowered to offer and implement ideas, reinforcing the notion they are having an immediate impact. Kaizen events are a proven way to implement Lean tools.

Course Objectives

  • Training (on kaizen concepts and on specific focus of each event)
  • Observe, measure and document the current process
  • Brainstorm wastes/problems
  • Formulate causes and countermeasures for wastes/problems
  • Try-storm improvements, implement solutions
  • Standardize new processes
  • Observe, measure and document new process
  • Analyze results
  • Present to management
  • Celebrate!