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Kirkwood HAZWOPER 8 - Refresher (Online)

Environmental Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Course Length

8 Hours

Course Description

Based on the same instruction concepts and designed for the same target audience as our HAZWOPER Refresher course, this self-paced, online training is offered through our partnership with the Kirkwood Community College. This course is designed for individuals who have already successfully completed either the HAZWOPER 24 or HAZWOPER 40 course. The HAZWOPER Refresher course is an annual requirement to maintain HAZWOPER Responder status as defined by 29 CFR 1910.120. The course is open-entry, open-exit, meaning that an individual can begin the course whenever they choose and complete the course at their own pace. The course consists of online text, exercises, self-grading quizzes, and a final exam, in order to receive a certificate. Trainees will need to complete all lesson quizzes and lesson finals at 70% or above before taking the final exam. In addition, your final exam score must also be 70% or above.

Course Objectives

To provide the necessary environmental health and safety training, refreshing the student’s knowledge and skill base, required for a Certificate of Completion that will permit the student to continue to work at any site requiring HAZWOPER training (either 24HR or 40HR). This course provides the equivalent of 8 hours of classroom training needed to refresh the student’s knowledge level as acquired during their initial 24HR or 40HR HAZWOPER training. It does not include any on-the-job training required at initial entry for site-specific hazards in which they may encounter.

Course Outline

Topic 1 - Regulations Overview

Topic 2 - Site Characteristics

Topic 3 - Health and Physical Hazards

Topic 4 - Hazard Recognition

Topic 5 - Respiratory Hazards

Topic 6 - PPE: Clothing/Ensembles

Topic 7 - Site Control

Topic 8 - Decontamination

Topic 9 - Air Monitoring

Topic 10 - Material Sampling

Topic 11 - Health and Safety

Topic 12 - Emergency Procedures