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Managing Effective Meetings

Leadership & Management Development

Management Development

Course Length

4 Hours

Max Attendees


Min Attendees


Course Description

Effective meetings help guide the efforts of participants and ensure strong communication throughout a company. Effective meetings address roadblocks, lead teams to better decision-making, give all team members a chance to be heard and feel included, and strengthen relationships between participants and managers. Participants explore tips to have an effective meeting by establishing clear objectives and the necessity of planning, executing, and following up on actions to achieve specific results.

Course Objectives

• What and why we have meeting
• Type of Meetings and their purpose
• What style of meetings do we attend
• Suggested guidelines of effective meetings
• Top critical elements for both effective and efficient meeting
• Common mishaps for ineffective meetings
• Tool kit for successful and time sensitive meetings
• Structure and follow-up
• Business benefits: 
1. Include the potential to reduce the number of meetings held, increase business outcomes from meetings conducted
2. Drive accountability for attendees.
3. Document actions and requirements from meetings held.
4. Better meetings mean a more engaged, productive workplace, reducing overheads and assisting in driving profit.