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Roadway Safety & Temporary Work Zones

Environmental Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Course Length

8 Hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Designed for those individuals tasked with working in roadway construction areas and temporary work zones. Such work zones present many challenges to those workers tasked with working around vehicular traffic, industrial equipment, pedestrian traffic, and many other items that lead to distractions, risk-taking, and undesired incidents. Understanding the potential hazards and associated risks, with methods to mitigate those hazards and control those risks, is a key focus to ensure the participant is adequately prepared to work in temporary work zones.

Course Objectives

• Understand applicable regulatory requirements
• Understand how to establish a Traffic Control Plan
• Understand how to recognize and mitigate hazards and control associated risks
• Understand how to utilize traffic control devices
• Understand proper flagging
• Understand the Importance of Internal Traffic Control Plans
• Understand Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

Course Outline

• Statistics and the Needs for Training
• Temporary Traffic Control Plans
• Hazard Analysis
• Roadside Vehicle Hazards and Risks
• Utilizing Traffic Control Devices Properly
• Flagging and Flagger Safety
• Internal Traffic Control Plans
• Pedestrian Safety
• Engineering and Work Practice Controls
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Hazard Recognition and Mitigation Workshop Exercises