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Scaffolding Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Course Length

8 Hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Working from scaffolding is a common task in construction activities; however, incidents and workplace accidents are also common with scaffolding use. Falling while working from height continues to be a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry; therefore, fall-related focus is essential when working from platforms such as scaffolding. This course is designed for those individuals tasked with working on or assembling scaffolding for construction activities. Understanding the regulatory requirements and best practices with scaffolding is stressed so that hazards can be identified and eliminated, with risks mitigated and controlled. This course focuses on ensuring participants have the best resources to combat workplace activities plagued with high-risk tasks.

Course Objectives

• Understand Different Types of Scaffolds
• Understand Hazards Associated with Scaffold Use
• Understand How to Properly Erect and Establish Safe Scaffolding
• Understand How to Properly Access and Work from Scaffolding Platforms
• Understand How to Properly Inspect and Correct Scaffolding Hazards

Course Outline

• Defining and Understanding Different Types of Scaffolding
• Scaffolding Hazards
• What to Do and What Not to Do, to Maintain Scaffolding Safety
• General Scaffolding Design Requirements
• Proper Access and Use
• Scissor Lift and Mobile Scaffold Requirements
• Scaffolding Inspections
• Group Workshop Activities