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The Art of Influence

Leadership & Management Development


Course Length

2 Hours

Max Attendees


Min Attendees


Course Description

Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to work toward the achievement of a common goal which they consider desirable. Thus, influence is key to successful leadership. Leaders need to sell ideas and motivate people to support and implement decisions. Successful leaders will often use their influence and persuasive skills to motivate their team members and ensure everyone is working toward the same vision.

Course Objectives

• What is persuasion and Influence
• The difference between persuasion, Influence, and manipulation
• Benefits of “real” influence
• Appreciation and power of Influence
• Golden Rules on Influence -
• Identify the principles of influence and persuasion.
• Apply skills needed to build rapport and develop genuine relationships.
• Recognize differences in communication styles.
• Identify ways to tailor your communication style to increase your influence with others.
• Using Logic and deductive reasoning
• Understand the dynamics of Emotional Intelligence
• Strategy effective arguments in persuasion and negotiations