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Value Stream Mapping

Continual Improvement


Course Length

16 Hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Value Stream Mapping is a planning tool to help companies focus on when and where they should apply lean concepts to get the most impact. The VSM process consists of identifying value streams/product groups in the organization, mapping a current state of material and information flow, assessing the inherent waste, and designing a future state of how the value stream is desired to perform. The result is an implementation plan that clearly prioritizes when and where to focus improvements and how each improvement will help achieve the future state.

Course Objectives

Day 1

  • a.m. Value Stream Mapping Training (ACME Stamping)
  • p.m. Walk shop floor, map current state of value stream in facility, brainstorm wastes

Day 2

  • a.m. Continue brainstorming wastes, design future state to eliminate/reduce wastes
  • p.m. Develop implementation plan to meet future state VSM, follow up

Course Outline

Using LEI's Acme Stamping case study, participants will implement the value steam mapping process by analyzing data and mapping a current state, then applying lean concepts to design and map a future state. Along the way, participants will decide what improvements must happen to achieve the desired future state.