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Project Management

Leadership & Management Development


Course Length

4 Hours

Max Attendees


Course Description

Employees learn the concepts and purposes of PM, and the proper application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques - they learn that the purpose of PM is prediction and prevention rather than reaction; and explore theories of "Triple Constraint of Scope”, and “Time and Cost for Quality."

Course Objectives

• An awareness of the importance of applying standard practices to Project Management in projects of any size.
• An understanding of essential elements, including the Leadership Role of the Project Manager, Project Planning, Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement.
• An understanding of the key Project Management processes

Course Outline

Interpersonal and Conceptual Skills: Leadership - Team Building, Motivation, Communication, Influencing, Decision making, Political and Cultural Awareness, Negotiation, Trust Building, Conflict Management, Coaching, A sense of Humor
Tools and Technical Execution: Strategic Planning, Lifecycle Management, Time Management, Project Scheduling, Documentation Development, Risk Mgmt, Financial Modelling (Cost Mgmt), Project Tracking Software, Subject Matter Expertise