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Leadership Development is designed for anyone within the organization who wishes to improve their ability to inspire, coach and work effectively with others.  The typical class size is 12 to 20 participants and includes activities and/or assessments that promote interaction.  These training sessions benefit production leaders and administrative staff as well as the company’s management team. As with ATN’s Management program, Leadership’s primary focus is team building.

Change and Uncertainty Management

Employees learn to understand how to manage the effects of fear and uncertainty caused by change, and to control the emotions and resulting behaviors – they explore techniques for coping and...

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Communication Effectiveness

Employees learn interpersonal and "people management” skills and how to understand how they are perceived by others – they learn how to speak honestly and effectively - they become...

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Decision Making

Employees learn a process for choosing between two or more alternatives and, the best decision-making models, types, evaluation methods; as well as ways to anticipate consequences and conduct...

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DiSC Personality Profile

Employees are tested with the best instrument designed to help them realize how their behavior, and that of others, is largely based on individual personality types - DiSC provides feedback to help...

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Employees learn that good documentation is key to creating a record of employment activity, including facts about incidences and actions taken by the employer and employee - they learn to develop and...

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Generations on the Work Team

Employees learn that generations are shaped by history, events, technology, social changes, economic conditions, popular culture, etc. - they learn to recognize different generational tendencies and...

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Harassment and Discrimination

Employees learn what constitutes harassment and discrimination in the workplace - they are shown types and examples, as well as who is protected and who is responsible – they learn the nuances...

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Leadership, In Your Own Space

Employees learn the traits of well-known leaders and explore leadership techniques, styles and concepts – they learn key skills and how to set a long-term direction for becoming a good leader in...

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Problem Solving

Employees will explore techniques and skills for defining and discovering problems rather than symptoms - they will learn how to use the tools to manage a complex set of cognitive, physical, and...

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Project Management for Production

Employees learn the concepts and purposes of PM, and the proper application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques - they learn that the purpose of PM is prediction and prevention rather than...

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