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Water & Wastewater Systems

Waster & Wastewater Systems training provides collaborative training solutions to serve industrial water and wastewater systems and businesses who have onsite stormwater programs. These courses prepare participants to sit for operator testing, building continuing education hours, and educate non-operators who have management and compliance responsibilities for state and federal regulations.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Process

Focuses on the Wastewater Characteristics, whether chemical or physical. Helps to evaluate the factors that interfere with the treatment process. An in-depth look at the importance of alkalinity...

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FOG Treatment & Biological Treatment Process Control

Highlights the treatment techniques that can be used to focus on optimization of FOG removal as well as assisting the system understand the Biological Treatment process and when to make changes. 8...

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Interpretation of Laboratory Analysis/Sample Collection & Preservation

Offers a step by step process of collection of samples to their ultimate disposal after being analyzed. It also explains the Quality Control and Quality Assurance process for Wastewater Compliance...

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Nitrification & Process Treatment

Designed to train the operator to use laboratory results to control the nitrification process within the wastewater treatment process. The course also looks at the participant’s own lab results...

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Regulatory Compliance in Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Designed to assist individuals in becoming familiar with regulations. The Regulations that govern water treatment ADEM Division 7. The regulations that govern operator certification, ADEM Division...

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Understanding Water & Wastewater Treatment Processes

Designed to teach complex treatment processes and stages that encompass physical, biological, and chemical processes. Each phase of the treatment is covered in detail. This course will provide...

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Water & Wastewater Certification for the Manufacturing Industry

This Operator Certification Examination Preparatory Training is designed to give individuals working in industrial (non-municipality) water and wastewater operations practice in answering questions...

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